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You Need to Know that……………..

  • All aspects of tax can be investigated by HMRC in order to confirm that you have paid it correctly and completely.
  • Their enquiries may cover not just the current or previous year, but also for a number of years in the past.
  • There is a general misconception that the tax man may only go back through 6 years of your financial records, but this is NOT true; HMRC can go back as many years as they wish – in some cases even to the point when you left school!

My Status and Duty

  • I have worked with (both for and against) HMRC for many years and have earned the reputation and standing of a successful ‘Tax Specialist’.
  • I have dealt with many HMRC investigations and have the depth and breadth of knowledge on how to deal with all aspects of every enquiry.
  • My duty to my clients is to make sure they pay the minimum taxes within the law.

Examples of Investigations

  1. A general enquiry into someone’s Self-Assessment Tax Return which they have submitted or it could well be an ‘Aspect Enquiry’ into one particular facet of the return.
  2. Companies can be investigated on the CT600 Tax Return they have submitted.
  3. Any tax claims submitted, for example R&D, can be investigated as to why the claim has gone through.
  4. In relation to VAT enquiries, they could be about a VAT return or a VAT refund.
  5. In relation to PAYE enquiries, they may be looking to see if employers are paying the correct minimum wage.

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