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Any business which has undergone a Tax Investigation by HMRC will know how worrying and problematic this can be. We have extensive experience of  dealing with HMRC on behalf of our Clients in Tax Investigations.

“Using Abrahams has saved us from paying too much tax. They showed us simple legitimate ways in which we could pay less tax and this has really helped our business move from strength to strength.”

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The Problem

Because of pressure from the Treasury, there are an increasing number of tax investigations and, if HMRC decide to launch an investigation into your tax affairs, at least two things are inevitable:

  1. STRESS – Even if you know (or, like most people, are 99.9% sure) that everything you have done is above board, you will still worry that they may find something that you or your accountants have got wrong or misrepresented; and
  2. TIME LOSS – While the investigation is ongoing, you will be diverted away from running your business to deal with the queries – even if they are directed to your accountant.

The Process

HMRC will write to you or phone you (or your accountant) to tell you what they want to check. 

This can include any and all taxes you pay, your accounts and tax calculations, your Self-Assessment tax return, your Company Tax Return and PAYE records and returns, if you employ people.

You can not block an investigation.  To do so is unlawful.

HMRC do not have to give a reason.

A full investigation may mean that HMRC will look at ALL your financial affairs – both business and private.

The average length of a full investigation is over 18 months.

The Outcome

If errors are discovered, you may face a severe fine or even a criminal prosecution.

Even minor errors, which may be commented on, but not initially punished, will probably lead to follow up investigations.

The Solution

Contact us via submitting the form and we will deal with everything for you.

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