Our Success Stories

1. Akeel Parvez

  • The Background: Akeel was stopped by the Police whilst driving his car and was found to have over £75,000 in cash in his possession. Not unreasonably, the Police considered that this was an unusually large amount and a police investigation was launched to find out why he was transporting this sum of money.  
  • The Outcome: However, our ability to present the correct information in the appropriate manner resulted in not only the full amount being repaid to Akeel, but him also receiving a not insignificant sum in compensation.

2. Bob Price

  • The Background: Bob had never been registered with HMRC and, Following an investigation being launched into his tax affairs over the previous 20 years, they sent him and estimate bill for £300,000.
  • The Outcome: With the skills and knowledge we have acquired over many years, we managed to bring the bill down to just £25,000.

3. Ben Campbell

  • The Background: Ben was so scared when an HMRC investigation into his tax affairs was initiated that he actually fled the country. Fortunately, his friends persuaded him to come back and receive professional advice and guidance from us – straight from the airport!
  • The Outcome: HMRC had already seized over £90,000 from his bank account, but within the space of a mere 3 weeks we had concluded the enquiry and Ben only had to pay £9,000.

4. M Autos Ltd

  • The Background: The VAT section of HMRC was demanding a refund of over £600,000 of VAT claims by the company and the case had reached Tribunal level .
  • The Outcome: As a direct result of the information we submitted and the way it was presented, the night before the case was to start HMRC withdrew the case with no liability for the Company t pay anything.If you are in the market for superclone Replica Rolex , Super Clone Rolex is the place to go! The largest collection of fake Rolex watches online!

5. Mrs Price

  • The Background: Mrs. Price had declared her income from her property holdings for the previous 10 years. HMRC launched an investigation and Mrs Price could provide little or no information to substantiate her income.
  • The Outcome: Despite the obvious difficulties of this case, we managed to conclude her tax enquiry with minimum tax to pay.

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